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 DSQ mobs and drop

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DSQ mobs and drop Empty
PostSubject: DSQ mobs and drop   DSQ mobs and drop Icon_minipostedSun Dec 09, 2007 2:21 am

seen in pw.forums hope it will help

Qiu Niu:
-Blade Mutapede (North of Dragon City)
Ivory Horn
-Tone Rhino (West of Dragon City), Long Horn Tapir (Near Serpent-Scorpion Cave / West of Feather City)
Evildoer's Mask
-Vicious Ghoul (West of Dragon City), Fierce Ghoul (Mine), Craftsman's Corpse = Banner Slope), Archer's Remains (North of Hero's Grave), Haunting Geisha (Hero's Grave), Haunting Nobleman (Hero's Grave)
Soft Fur
-Tiger Cat (West of Dragon City -> Broken Bow Hill), Ash Wolf (West of Dragon City -> Broken Bow Hill), Scarlet Wolf (West of Dragon City -> Broken Bow Hill), Ash Wolf King (West of Dragon City -> Broken Bow Hill), Rock Jackal (North of Dragon City -> Green Wave Woods / Banner Slope), Vagabond Jackal, Earth Wolf Fighter (Broken Bow)
Phantom Flesh
-Wolf Tribe Warrior (Mine), Wolf Tribe Archer (Mine), Imp Lookout (Broken Bow Hill)
Elemental Powder
-Earth Imp (West of Dragon City), Vile Bark (South of Dragon City)

Ya Zi:
Phantom Claws
Blunt Claws
-Jackals (West of Dragon City -> Near Old Swordsman in Orchid Temple, Blue Silk Fish (Homesick Coast), flying fox(Orchid Valley), blue peco peco (fish)
Blade Mutapedes(Banner Slope/Orchid Temple), Toxic Flee (Banner Slope/Orchid -Temple), Tiger Striped Spider (Orchid Village), Foul Stinger (Orchid Village), Vile Silver Blade (Orchid Village)
Glade Dew
-Tone Rhino (West of Dragon City), Crimson Dragon (Sky Lake), Dark Dragon (South of Orchid Village / Sky Lake), Jade Dragon (South of Orchid Village / Sky Lake / Near Fisherman Village)
Leather Bags
-Enchanted Skeleton (Hero's Grave) Archer Skeleton (Orchid Temple)
Elemental Fragments
-Earth Imp (West of Dragon City), Vile Bark (South of Dragon City), Vile Root (South of Dragon City), Golem Stomper (South of Dragon City), Guardian Golem (South of Dragon City)

Chao Feng:
Dew Pill
Gold Ingot
-Pirate Skeleton (Jade Beach)
Crimson Weed
-Jade Dragon (South of Orchid Village / Sky Lake / Near Fisherman Village)
Sharp Talons
-Mutant Bigmouth/Earth Axe Mole (East of Fishing Village/Dragon Land)
Phantom Blood
-Evil Lions (Su Muer Camp), councilman
Elemental Stones
-Blossom Treant (High Wind Prairie)

Pu Lao:
Strong Acid
-Red Mutapede (Su Muer camp), Bloodeye Spider King (Zhaodi island)
Beast Bone
-Earth Axe Mole (Dragon Land)
Ghostly Eye
-Savage Headhunter (King-Yu Tripod)
Ghost Charm
-Savage Headhunter (King-Yu Tripod)
Pretty Azure Ornament
-Fire Imp Starter (Chessboard Valley), century serpent (near Bamboo Village)
Elemental Crystal
-Blossom Treant (High Wind Prairie), Guardian Lamp (Tusk Town)
Pretty Azure Ornaments
-spiral serpents (south of doom city)
Purple Porcelain
-spiral serpents (south of doom city)

Suan Ni:
Yin-Yang Sigil
-Goblin Grunt (King-Yu Tripod), brute demons (tusk town west), witch priests (tusk town north),Ghost soldier, Fire Goblin Adept
Soft Tendon
-Mad Sharks, flying fox, Soul Venom, Forest Wasp (Above Tusk Town and Race Cities)
-snakes/spiders/scorpions in Zhaodi, Demon Bat
Ghost mask/ghost eye
-ox magus, evil ox caster
Purple Porcelain
-azure pieco
Elemental Essense
-Golden Maidservant(Tusk Town), Golden Princess (Tusk Town)

Ba Xia (71)
Ghost scale
-nether ox, Orchid spectre, evil rat
Fierce Venom-Demon bat
Malediction plate
-Headless Cavalry, Aqua Ghost Chief (Souless Swamp)
Flat Peaches
-Prism drake (aroma hill), Heavenly Hawk(Dew mt.), Draco Vulture
-Risen Evil Snake, Fluffy Bunny
Precious Diamond
-Fruit tree, Azurin Armor(south of jungle) Battle swords, Venom Plant Tower (Near Dream Village)

Xian Zhang (81)
Immortal core
-Aurin Battle Armor (Jungle ruins)
-Risen Evil Snake, Fluffy Bunny
Phantom totem
-Orchid Spectre (lost vilage)
Pleasant Jade
-Prism drake
Aunt Meng's Soup
Deady Venom
- Butterfly Spirit
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DSQ mobs and drop
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